The specimen repositories are a collaboration between the ACTG and IMPAACT clinical trial networks to make the large body of specimens collected for HIV research available to investigators.

ACTG (The AIDS Clinical Trials Group) and IMPAACT (The International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials) are two large global efforts studying HIV and related infections.

The specimens stored at the repositories were initially collected for specific studies that have concluded, and are now available to investigators conducting new research.

Using this website

You can use the interactive search tool on this website to learn about the types of specimens available at the repositories. After completing a search, you can see the number of specimens and unique participants available, information about the studies for which they were collected, and what research was published for those studies. The search tool will also provide you with a report that lists your specimens of interest. You can then use this report to help write your research proposal to the network.

What’s in the repositories?

Specimens 2554067 433255
Protocols 216 21
Types of specimens 19 10
Cryopreserved PBMCs 658723 151985
Plasma 1414849 269180
Serum 433715 10795
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