• How do I obtain specimens from the repositories?

    To obtain specimens from the repositories, you must submit a research proposal to the network that collected the specimens. This proposal will be reviewed by the network. If the proposal is approved, the network will work with you to help you obtain the specimens that you need. Learn more about submitting a proposal »

  • What should I do if I am interested in specimens from more than one network?

    If you are interested in specimens from studies across more than one network, you should determine which network is associated with the majority of the specimens and submit your research proposal to that network. You should not submit your proposal to each network independently.

  • Can I submit a research proposal directly from this website?

    This website is for gathering information about the types of specimens available at the repositories only. Research proposals are submitted and handled through a separate mechanism by the network that collected the specimens. Learn more about submitting a proposal »

  • I've already submitted a proposal for specimens. Who can I contact about it?

    Individual projects handle the proposal process. For ACTG proposals, contact ACTGProposals@s-3.com; for IMPAACT proposals, contact impaact.capsubmissions@fstrf.org; for HVTN proposals, contact vtn.research@hvtn.org.

  • I searched for specimens a few weeks ago, then searched again and got different results. How is that possible?

    Specimens are added to the repositories as studies conclude, and are shipped from the repositories when they are requested by investigators. As a result, the number of available specimens can change over time.

  • I'm having trouble using the search tool to find the exact type of specimens I need.

    We can help you refine your search to get the most out of the search tool. If you need to search for specimens based on complex logic not available with the search tool, we may be able to create a custom-built specimen list. Contact Frontier Science »

  • Can I search for specimens from participants who had clinical or laboratory data changes over the course of a study?

    Complex searches that deal with clinical or laboratory data that changes over time are not possible using the search tool. An example of such a search would be finding specimens from participants whose HIV viral load decreased over the course of treatment. Contact Frontier Science » for assistance generating specimen lists for such inquiries.